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Low-light/Flashlight Combatives


The flashlight is one of the most overlooked but powerful defensive tools you can have in your toolbox.  It is one of the only defensive tools you can take with you in nearly every secure area or non-permissive environment.  In addition to being a handy tool that lets you see in the dark, it can be used to identify threats early, disorient a potential attacker, escape attacks, or as a striking or grappling force-multiplier.  To do this requires more of an understanding of light than just, “shine it in their eyes.”  This seminar is designed to give you that understanding.  The context of this seminar is using the light in a scenario where it is your only tool.  The use of lights in conjunction with firearms might be discussed briefly, but it is not the focus of this course.


The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Effects of darkness/light on the eyes

  • Flashlight effects in various ambient lighting conditions

  • Flashlight features and selection

  • Methods of carry and retention

  • Using light to search or identify threats

  • Using light to affect opponent behavior

  • Using light to break contact

  • Targeting and striking with the flashlight or short stick

  • Defenses to common attacks using the flashlight or short stick

  • Light and movement as deception


Required Equipment:

  • Note-taking materials


Recommended Equipment:

  • Any flashlight you wish to try (Streamlight or Surefire recommended) – Lights will be available for use


Pre-requisites: None

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