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Land Navigation Basics


The Land Navigation Basics course is a classroom-only course that covers the fundamentals of navigating with a map and compass.  Map reading has nearly become a lost art in the modern day of GPS and cell phones, but what happens when those items fail?  This course will get you started in the skills required to navigate using basic tools without a reliance on GPS.


The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Choosing and using a compass

  • Map reading and plotting

  • Route planning

  • Dead reckoning

  • Navigating around obstacles

  • Navigation in adverse conditions

  • Finding your location if lost

  • Integration of GPS and smartphone apps


Recommended Equipment:

  • Compass (Baseplate compass with mirror desired) – a limited number of compasses will be available if you don’t have one

  • Note-taking materials


Maps and protractors will be provided. 


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