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FW1: Intro to Herbal Medicine


The Intro to Herbal Medicine course is a start to the journey into using plants as medicine.  This is an academic-heavy course that will give you a baseline to further pursue plant medicine.  You will learn how to identify, harvest, and use common Southwestern plants for various conditions such as infections, burns, wounds, pain, and other common ailments.  There will be several hands-on labs showing how to process herbs and you will walk away with herbal medicine made right in the classroom.  This course is taught in the context of austere or post-disaster conditions. 


The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Herbal terminology

  • Common Southwest medicinal and edible plants

  • Medicinal household and garden items

  • Harvesting plants

  • Percolation and maceration tinctures

  • Cold infusions

  • Plasters and poultices

  • Salves

  • Basics of formulation

  • Treatment of common injuries and ailments

  • Intro to Building a Herbal First Aid Kit (HFAK)


Required Equipment:

  • Note-taking materials


Pre-requisites: None


 There will be a break for lunch.  Lunch will not be provided.


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