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Emergency Survival with Independence Training

The Emergency Survival Course will cover the skills and actions required in the wilderness should an emergency situation become a survival situation. Most rescues happen in the first 72 hours after an incident, provided the correct actions are taken by the survivor. By the end of this course you will be able to prioritize your survival needs, take correct actions in the event of a survival situation, and facilitate your own rescue. Although this course takes place in a wilderness environment, the priorities and concepts of survival do not change, and this course has application in more rural or urban environments as well. Considerations for long-term survival and evasion will also be covered if time/conditions permit. This is a 2-day course with an overnight stay in a shelter you will build yourself.

18 Hours of Field Instruction Includes:
• Survival Kits
• Survival Priorities and Mentality
• Shelter and Fire
• Field Medicine and Wellness
• Water Procurement and Treatment
• Signaling for Rescue
• Other Skills as Time and Conditions Permit

Required Equipment:
• Clothing appropriate for the weather (dress in layers, avoid cotton, hat, gloves, extra socks, appropriate footwear)
• Quality fixed-blade knife
• Small poncho, tarp, or survival blanket
• Water container
• Bic lighter and/or ferrocerium rod
• 50 feet of 550 paracord
• Cotton bandanna or shemagh

• Water treatment equipment (optional)
• Signaling equipment (optional)
• Compass (optional)
• Small backpack to carry items
• Meals/snacks for the course (ready-to-eat foods recommended, facilities will be limited)

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