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Emergency Survival


The Emergency Survival course is a 2-day skills course that covers actions to take in the event that an outdoor emergency becomes a survival situation in a remote area.  Most wilderness rescues happen in the first 72 hours after an event.  This course will ensure that you have the skills to not only survive but to thrive until help arrives.  Although the point of the course is the first 72 hours, we will introduce some concepts for long-term survival as well.  This course will be held entirely in the field regardless of weather. 


The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Survival priorities

  • Maintaining a positive mental attitude and survival mindset

  • Building survival kits

  • Basic trauma medicine and wilderness first aid

  • Shelter building

  • Fire-making and proper use of fire

  • Knife skills

  • Water procurement and treatment

  • Signaling and communicating for rescue

  • Primitive food preparation and edible/medicinal plant use might be covered as time and conditions permit



  • Quality fixed-blade knife

  • Water container (canteen, bottle, bladder, etc.)

  • Flashlight or headlamp

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather

  • Note-taking materials

  • Small pack to carry items


Recommended Equipment:

  • Survival blanket, poncho, or small tarp

  • Fire-making tools

  • Water treatment methods

  • Cordage

  • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

  • Signaling devices


Meals and snacks will NOT be provided for this course.  Please bring desired food items with you.  Ready-to-eat items desired as cooking facilities are limited to an open fire and time will be limited for food preparation.


Cost: $550

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