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We created Divergence Training to share the skills and philosophy we have developed by having the opportunity to train with some of the best instructors in the world in multiple disciplines.  We believe in diverging your training to gain experience in many different skills, but to find the carry-over from each discipline to enhance the rest.  Our core areas of focus are in what we believe to be the triad of self-sufficiency...self-protection, survival, and medicine.  Our training, however, spans far more than these focus areas...diverging from normal methods to not only make people self-sufficient, but also well-rounded.  We know that people have limited time in their lives, and we don't want to make you the best in the world at any one thing...we want to get you good at many things and then put them together in new ways to enhance your life.  

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There will always be evil people in this world that wish to do you harm.  We believe that you have the right to defend yourself using any tools you have available.  This requires not only a mixture of empty-hand and armed skills, but the ability to integrate them together.  More importantly, self-defense isn't just the combative aspects, but the ability to see threats coming, avoid them if possible, and deal with the legal and emotional aftermath should you have to take physical action.  The most important thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to develop the proper mindset and attitude.



Survival isn't just about rubbing sticks together  to make fire (although that is a fun and useful skill). True survival training should be a mix of wilderness and urban skills, using gear, and going without gear.  Expanding survival into self-sufficiency skills can give you the ability to operate long-term and not only survive but thrive in adverse environments.  The skills required for this are far-reaching, but the most important things are the concepts and methods of thinking that allow you to solve problems and thrive.



Medical training is arguably the most important training to get.  You may never be in a self-defense or survival situation, but you likely have already had to deal with medical emergencies.  Response time for EMS is simply not fast enough to deal with some problems , so trauma training is a must.  For longer-term considerations, we believe you need to know how to take care of yourself using natural and sustainable methods.  Modern medicine is incredible in some ways, but it also has many limitations and is reliant on technology that may not always be available.  Knowing how to use the world around you to take care of issues is critical.


Divergent Skills

There is a lot to be gained from seemingly random skill sets.  You can learn to push yourself mentally and physically further than you have ever imagined.  You can train your brain to deal with fear and stress in more productive ways.  You can teach yourself how to focus on what is important and prioritize tasks.  You can learn things about different environments that you never even thought to look for previously.  All of these things and more can be learned through an infinite number of activities that carry over valuable skills to enhance the rest.

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